Tesla Coil Imprinter

    The Tesla Coil Imprinter uses a very special Tesla coil, which is the result of years of study and experimentation in the field of electromagnetic and scalar waves.

   It is quite common nowadays to find Tesla coil designs or kits on the web. These are sterile and useless objects, capable of only raising an alternating voltage at any frequency, to the point of causing sparks or lighting a fluorescent tube.

   There are very different studies, in which these coils have been used to prove the existence of scalar waves and theories of quantum physics.

   Thanks to these theories and studies, the first Tesla Coil Imprinter was born. This is the first Tesla coil that, exploits the electrical characteristics of the construction parameters and is able to modulate the frequency, which is intended to be imprinted in a solution of water and alcohol, on a carrier of about 1.5 MHz.

  • The diameter of the coil (46 mm) has been chosen in order to obtain the maximum transmissible power on 50 or 100 ml bottles.
  • The carrier frequency (calculated based on a series of electrical and dimensional parameters), used to “transport” the imprinting frequencies, was chosen so as to be easily accessible by most signal generators Direct Signal Synthesis (DDS), such as Spooky2.
  • A special and innovative primary-secondary coupling (the secondary is the coil protruding from the base), together with some suitably sized electronic components, allow to reach very high voltages, at high frequency, on the top.Thanks to these characteristics, it is not possible to feel any “shock” even if you touch the end of the winding.
  • Finally, a contact placed on the top of the coil ensures the electrical connection to a sphere, so as to be able to diffuse electromagnetic and scalar waves in the environment in which it is placed.


   In conclusion, the combination of a precise high frequency with an equally high voltage, allows to obtain an imprinting with characteristics and results never achieved before.


   In fact, an electric field is able to hook water molecules and structure them in the direction of the field, in an orderly way. But, the energy of an electric field is proportional to the voltage! Here, then, is how the high voltage that is established on the top of a Tesla coil can be decisive for the purpose.

   Similarly, the energy of an electromagnetic wave is directly proportional to its frequency, so as the frequency increases, the energy transported increases.


   Combining a high electric field with a high frequency through a resonant Tesla coil was the innovative idea of the researcher Dr. M. Allegretti.


Included in this kit:

1 x Tesla Coil Imprinter

1 x 10 cm stainless steel ball

1 x RG58 cable – 50 ohm – 3 m

1 x USB flash drive containing Instructions and Presets

1 x Instruction manual



   This electromagnetic device is compatible with DDS function generators which have to work down to low impedance load conditions, according to Specifications above.

Specifically, it is compatible with:

Spooky2 Signal Generators

Any Signal Generator (DDS) which can transmit a signal within 10 and 20 Vpp amplitude. We recommend model UTG932E (UNI-T).


Notice to Spooky2 owners: to use the Tesla Coil Imprinter, you need to be an experienced user of the Spooky2 software. Therefore, before purchasing,we recommend downloading the user manual from here.


Technical features

– Resistance measured on BNC connection: < 0.1 ohm

– Maximum applicable voltage: 40 V AC

– Operating frequency: 1÷1.5 MHz

– Amplitude Modulation frequency: 0÷12 kHz

– Type of connection with DDS devices: BNC

– Dimensions: 14x14x27(h) cm  5,51″ x 5,51″ x H 10,62″

Water’s imprinting

   The set up and design allow this coil be able to store electromagnetic frequencies in clusters and Water Coherence Domains, for any scientific purpose.

   To obtain the best results from imprinting, the water used should be in the best possible physical conditions (structured water), contained in bottles of 50 or 100ml, with a diameter not exceeding 46 mm.


   A Tesla coil made according to the criteria and purposes described above, is characterized by a very precise resonant frequency. The use of this characteristic frequency allows it to reach very high energies, even if the coil is powered by an extremely low powered Direct Signal Synthesis (DDS), generator.

   The other side of this feature is extreme sensitivity. In fact, the presence of any object positioned near or above the coil is enough to cause a variation in its resonance frequency.


   Due to the sensitivity of the system, it is recommended to place the Tesla Coil Imprinter on a surface made of insulated material, away from objects of any kind, especially metal and electrical/electronic.

The advantages

   Up to now, the methods proposed for water imprinting have been many and of different types. With the use of simple coils, lasers and radionics equipment, it has almost always been possible to obtain good results. But the researcher Dr. Marcello Allegretti, after testing the various methods and studying the properties of water for a long time, realized that everything that was proposed was not able to satisfy him completely.

   Thus, after years of experimentation, he managed to obtain what was not possible with other methods, namely:

  • Imprinting of precise frequencies in the water,
  • Reduced imprinting times (from a few minutes up to a maximum of 30 minutes per frequency),
  • Possibility of using small quantities of water (even a few drops), to obtain the desired effects,
  • Remarkable duration over time, of the information imprinted in the water (over a month).


   In fact, the latter was the most difficult obstacle to overcome, because maintaining the frequencies over time is an index of the quality of the imprinting, as it represents the confirmation that these frequencies have managed to inform the Water Coherence Domains in a stable way. The experiments in this sense are still in progress, but the tests carried out so far have exceeded the two months of perfect sealing of the information imprinted.

Equipment for operation

   A Direct Signal Synthesis (DDS), such as the UNI-T UTG932E may be the simplest and most cost-effective means of finding the resonant frequency of the Tesla Coil Imprinter and subsequently setting a modulation frequency.


   If you want a sophisticated device to drive a Tesla Coil Imprinter instead, you should use a Spooky2 signal generator (thanks to the sophisticated software included). In fact, it is sufficient to correctly set the value of the carrier and that of the frequencies to be impressed, to obtain exceptional results.


   Depending on the experiments performed and the results obtained, it was found that once the resonance frequencies for each configuration (e.g. 50 ml bottle), have been determined, the modulating frequency should be considerably lower than the carrier frequency. Basically, if the resonant frequency with a 50 ml vial is (e.g.) 1,375 MHz (1 375 000 Hz), it is good that the modulating frequency, i.e. the imprinting frequency, is not higher than 12 000 Hz.


   For this reason, it is good to choose a frequency or a frequency Program that respects these limits (ie that does not include frequencies that are too high – preferably not higher than 12,000 Hz). If the chosen frequency (for example of a molecule), is very high, it is possible to use a lower harmonic in octaves, dividing it several times by two the starting frequency (e.g. 800 000, 400 000, 200 000, 100 000, 50 000, 25 000, 12 500, 6 250,  Hz).

The page dedicated to these calculations on this site can be of great help.

Functional Tests

   The energy that can be developed on the top of the Tesla Coil Imprinter is surprising, especially if you consider that the maximum output voltage from a Direct Signal Synthesis (DDS), generator like the Spooky2 is 40 V, while the maximum current is just over 0.1 A.

   Apart from the measurements that can be performed, for example with an oscilloscope, one of the simplest methods to verify that the coil is delivering the maximum possible power is to place a fluorescent tube at its top (a 24W PL fluorescent tube, even exhausted, that’s fine for the purpose). The voltage of a few hundred volts (high frequency), that develops at the top of the Tesla Coil Imprinter, will be able to illuminate the fluorescent tube in your hands (without any danger).


The Best Water for Imprinting

   The secret to obtaining water with an excellent ability to perceive and store electromagnetic frequencies is the right combination of a good imprinting medium, such as the Tesla Coil Imprinter, and adequately prepared water.

   Distilled or mineral (spring), water can be used for imprinting, but the best results cannot be obtained from simply “pure” water. The studies and experiments of many scientists have taught us that a well prepared or structured water is able to store frequencies in Coherence Domains, with the best possible results.


   Structured water has solid connections between the molecules that arrange themselves according to a crystalline structure capable of changing different chemical and physical properties.


Our Aqua Vortex device is able to structure the water in the best possible way.



System Configuration

   The Tesla Coil Imprinter works exclusively in conjunction with a DDS function generator (e.g. UNI-T UTG932E) and the Spooky2.

   It will be supplied with a 100 mm stainless steel sphere, a 50-ohm cable with BNC (length 3 meters), and a USB stick containing the user manual, presets and other useful documents.

   In addition, Power Waves technicians are preparing a signal amplifier suitable for the performance required by the Tesla Coil Imprinter. The amplifier will be able to further enhance and improve the coil capacities in order to reduce the time required for imprinting.


   To learn more about the topics covered here, we recommend purchasing the latest book by Dr. M. Allegretti, Therapeutic Waves and to see the following videos: