Spooky 2

Spooky2, is the name of a manufacturing company based in China, which makes two models of electromagnetic wave generators (Spooky2 XM and GeneratorX or GX) and a series of accessories that can be connected to them.

In particular, the GX model is an arbitrary wave function generator that works according to the principle of Direct Digital Synthesis, (DDS), with the following technical characteristics:


Input Voltage: 12VDC 2A

Configuration: 2 x Independent DDS generators

Output Short Circuit Protection: Yes

Offline (Stand-alone) Operation: Yes

USB speed: 115200 bps

Maximum Offline Program Count: 30

Maximum frequencies per program: 200

Microprocessors: 2 x 266 MHz ARM. 1 x 16 MHz advanced STM8 core CPU

Output waveform: 10 bits x 1024 bits

Sampling Rate: 266 MSPS

Display: 3.2” TFT True Color LCD

Display Resolution: 320 x 240 bit

Maximum Amplitude: 20 Vpp

Amplitude Resolution: 0.01 V

Output Impedance: 50 Ω

Frequency Range: 0 – 40 MHz for all waveforms

Frequency Resolution: 0.00001 Hz up to 40 kHz. 0.01 Hz above 40 kHz

Modulation Method: AM (Out 2 modulates Out 1)

Measurement Detection: Current and Phase Angle

Measurement Method: High-side Detection

Measurement Frequency Range: 100 Hz – 40 MHz

Measurement Resolution: 16 bits

Current detection resolution: 3.4uA

Phase angle detection resolution: 0.0015 degrees



The DDS, despite being characterized by a rather simple construction technique, guarantees excellent results, but has a limitation deriving from the use of a fixed sampling frequency, which at high frequencies could generate waveforms that are not very precise. The advantage of this technology is that it is able to perform rapid frequency sweeps in real time, even at high speed.

The unique feature of Spooky2 generators is that they are governed by software which, even if created for experimentation in the field of energy rebalancing and well-being, allows for any possible setting, thus making it ideal for experiments of any kind, in the technical field.

In fact, the software allows you to:

  • Use any frequencies (even with decimals), from 0 to 5/40 MHz and create programs with multiple frequencies in succession,
  • Choose between various types of waveforms on two outputs, add them together on a single output and create new ones,
  • Set very useful parameters such as amplitude, offset, duty cycle, phase angle, gate, oscillations (frequency and amplitude), peaks, ramps, etc.,
  • Use all types of harmonics and sub-harmonics,
  • Choose the times and duration of the frequency programs,
  • Work simultaneously on dozens of generators.

The Spooky2 system can therefore be used for an infinite number of applications, such as:

  • In physics, for experiments on electromagnetic fields,
  • In biology and university laboratories, for the study of the reactions of molecules, cells and pathogens to electromagnetic fields,
  • In chemistry, for studies of the effects on molecules, solutions and reactions,
  • Experiments in botany, for the care of plants and the elimination of parasites,
  • For the imprinting of water and mixtures,
  • The production of colloidal silver,
  • Applications with radionics equipment,
  • In the world of Acoustics, Cymatics, Neuroacoustics and all the possible implications and even professional applications, which can be obtained (creation and mixing of sounds with any waveform, recording of notes in programmed sequence, extremely precise chord of musical instruments, etc.),
  • Electronic laboratories for the study, development and research of equipment using electromagnetic frequencies (also modulated),
  • Generation of signals useful for testing normal, shielded, twisted-pair, ethernet cables, etc.

Research and experimentation, with the Spooky2 has no limits!


Using our Electromagnetic Devices with the Spooky2

In practice, the use of Spooky2 generators in the scientific field are truly infinite and all applicable devices can be of great assistance for experimentation and research.

For this reason, Power-Waves has chosen the Spooky2 as a reference Function Generator for the use of its electromagnetic devices.



To use the TM1 Magnetic Carpet, the BM1 Magnetic Coil and the PM1 Magnetic Pen with the Spooky2, proceed as described below:


– Connect the cable to the HIGH PWR CONTACT socket of the Boost3,

– in Preset, click on “Shell (Empty) Presets” and then on “Spooky Coil (XM Direct) – JW“,

– Choose the programs to use, in the Programs folder,

– In Settings, set the square wave (in case another type of wave has been pre-set),

– Finally, in Control, choose the generator with which to run the frequency program.


As for the Tesla Coil Imprinter, precise instructions are provided for connection and use.