The Frequencies of Rifing

What’s New in This Edition (10,000 entries in 282 full-color pages):
Upgrade of approximately 1,300 EDTFL frequencies
Introduction of nearly 2,000 new frequencies (Biomedis)
Elimination of entries with identical frequencies and insertion of references in the various Sections
New subdivision and sequence of Sections and topics so as to facilitate more and more, the search for an entry.
This handbook is a useful tool for all scholars and researchers who wish to experience the effects of electromagnetic fields to achieve a condition of “physical and mental balance” and “well-being”. This new 5th edition contains the largest collection of frequency Programs in existence, which are the result of international scientific studies, research with sophisticated Bioresonance systems and empirical experiments. Therefore this Programs are suitable for applications with any equipment that generates electromagnetic frequencies
In addition to providing support to Researchers around the world, the main purpose of this manual is to facilitate the identification of a subject or item and its Frequency Program.


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Rifing and surroundings

Clear site, minimal but centered explanation of products you need a minimum of knowledge about what you are going to buy. For fans of refing, it is great.


Scientists dealing with quantum medicine and more, with products they invented, very advanced indestructible and very effective.

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