Scalar Wave Generator

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new Scalar Wave Generator

  This pair of Tesla coils, as a Transmitter and Scalar Wave Receiver, are the result of a long study and experimentations about electromagnetic and scalar waves field. Thanks to this kit is possible to demonstrate the existence of scalar waves and establish quantum physics theories.

  The system resonant frequency (about 2.4 MHz) has been chosen and calculated as a function of an electrical and dimensional parameter, in order to be easily transmit by any signal generator model.

  To right operate it needs a Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) frequency generator, able to level-up the system resonance frequency.



Included in this kit:

N° 1 Transmitting Antenna

N° 1 Receiving Antenna

N° 1 Cable with BNC (3m)

N° 1 unipolar cable for the connection of the Tx with the Rx (3m)

N° 1 USB flash drive, containing Instructions and Presets for UTG932E and Spooky2

N° 1 Instruction Manual

N° 1 small DC motor to be connected to the Rx (optional)




  This electromagnetic device is compatible with DDS function generators which have to work down to low impedance load conditions, according to Specifications above.

Specifically, it is compatible with:

Spooky2 Signal Generators

Any Signal Generator (DDS) which can transmit a signal within 7 and 20 Vpp amplitude. We recommend model UTG932E (UNI-T).


  Notice to Spooky2 owners: to use the Scalar Wave Generator, you need to be an experienced user of the Spooky2 software. Therefore, before purchasing,we recommend downloading the user manual from here.

Technical features of Tx

– Resistance measured on BNC of Tx connection: < 0.1 ohm

– Maximum applicable voltage: 40 Vpp AC

– Minimum operating voltage: 5 Vpp AC

– Operating frequency: 2.2÷2.5 MHz

– Amplitude Modulation frequency: 0÷20 kHz

– Connection-type with DDS devices: BNC

– Dimensions: 22x8x40(h) cm


Technical features of Rx

– Resistance measured on BNC of Rx connection: 47 ohms

– Maximum applicable voltage: 20 Vpp AC

– Minimum operating voltage: 5 Vpp AC

– Operating frequency: 0÷500 kHz

– Connection type with DDS equipment: BNC

– Dimensions: 22x8x40(h) cm


The New Scalar Wave Generator has been modified so that it is possible to insert an electromagnetic signal, coming from  any electronic apparatus, into the scalar field that is created between the TX and Rx.

The best results are obtained using the primary winding of the Rx as a secondary input for these signals. In this way a perfect amplitude modulation is obtained, where the carrier is the resonance one of the system (about 2.4 MHz) introduced on the Tx input by a Signal Generator such as Spooky2 or UTG932E.

Instead, the modulator can be inserted on the input of the Rx and has virtually no frequency limitation from 0 to 500 kHz. This represents a huge advantage because:

– even with high-frequency signals there is no risk of losing resonance between Tx and Rx:

– the modulation frequency limit (20 kHz) applicable on the Tx is exceeded.

For more on the Amplitude Modulation method, click on Download below.


In practice, thanks to this innovation, on the input BNC of the Rx it is possible to connect:

– a second Spooky2 generator and thus take full advantage of all the Software Programs (it is recommended to set in Setting, Amplitude 5 V and Frequency Limits (Hz): 500 000);

– the second channel of the UTG932E, setting any frequency up to 500 kHz and Amplitude 10Vpp;

– an audio signal from any source;

– a frequency signal, output from a Radionic, Biorisonance, etc. apparatus.

In the case of low audio signals (e.g., headphone output of a cell phone or computer), to obtain sufficient modulation, it is advisable to use a small amplifier of a few watts output (max. 5 W).

Warning: a power amplification, could damage both the Rx and the amplifier!


Kit features:

– Check all about scalar waves existence.

– Create a scalar field able to carry energy and frequency signals.

– Perform substance imprinting, placing on the receiving plane an active ingredient and on the transmitting one a bottle or a glass of water.

– Use the power of scalar waves for an infinite number of applications in the world of Radionics.


Therefore, it lends itself very well to experiments in the fields of

– Physics

– Radionics

– Imprinting

– Rifing.


Scalar Waves

  These two coils have been developed according to the original Tesla’s patent, who long-studied for a system which carry electrical energy and signals through the ether without any electrical conductor.

  The secondary circuit of coils has two extremes: the first one connected to a metal sphere whereas the second one to a ground connection.Scalar Wave Generator

  Setting the Tx antenna to electrical resonance (at a specific frequency), allows the energy pick up by the Rx antenna that become as identical as its resonance create an equal and opposite electromagnetic wave (180 ° out of phase) which cancels the transmission one. By the suppression of the electromagnetic field emerge a scalar field that follows laws totally different than those enunciated by physics on electromagnetic waves. Tesla walked this way in order to send from Tx to Rx both energy and frequency signals (thanks to an amplitude modulation).





The scalar field is characterized by:


– a propagation greater than the speed light,

– an efficiency that can 100% exceed the transmitted energy regardless of one or more receiving

antennas connected together,

– keep the same reception intensity, even varying the distance between Tx and Rx,

– no way to be shielded (by metal films or Faraday cages),

– no way to detect its presence or to be picked up and measured by any conventional measuring instrument.


  Properties above do not match any classical physic theory and let understand that scalar waves are in the quantum-scale physic. Amazing as in order to verify these effects a sophisticated laboratories of nuclear or quantum physic is mandatory.

With this kit, you will finally be able to prove some of the above claims.



About Scalar Wave Generator


The kit includes:

– n° 1 Transmitting Antenna and n° 1 Cable with BNC connectors (3m) for the connection to the frequency generator.

– n° 1 Receiving Antenna.

– n° 1 Unipolar cable to connect the Tx with the Rx (3m): this connection replaces the grounding of the antennas and improves the functionality system with no interference by common domestic grounding systems.

– n° 1 small DC motor that can be connected to the Rx antenna (optional),

  • useful to demonstrate how it is possible to transfer energy from Tx to Rx,
  • necessary to verify no motor speed changing regardless of distance between devices,
  • necessary to verify no stop working even if the Rx antenna is shielded by a Faraday cage (e.g. metal cage with tight mesh or covered with aluminum film, aluminum suitcase, etc.).


  The system works with both sine and square waves. In the latter case you will notice a more powerful reception, given the presence of harmonics introduced by this waveform.

  It is possible to add one or more Rx to the first system made with one Tx and one Rx. This new Rx will react in the same way as above, but probably at slightly different frequencies. To overcome this inconvenience, it is possible to vary the height of the telescopic antennas in such a way that change each capacities in order to tune all the Rx to the same resonant frequency.


  Both the Transmitter (Tx) and the Receiver (Rx) are equipped with a voltmeter and one operating LED.. When the Rx is tuned on the right resonant frequency (2.2÷2.5 MHz), the Voltmeter reaches the maximum value and the Led reach the maximum brightness (do not consider the Tx indicators).


  To deepen the topics discussed here, we recommend the purchase of the last book of Prof. M. Allegretti, THERAPEUTIC WAVES.


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