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 Working for some time now on rebalancing cellular magnetic fields (a cardinal principle of quantum medicine), we have seen how it acts at a biochemical level on the pH of the tissue. This results in the restoration of the cellular terrain to its origins (restitutio ad integrum) with consequent detoxification and release from the diseased state. The restoration of magnetic fields is associated with that of the vibrational frequency of healthy cells.

 Anyone working in our field knows how important the concept of the cellular balance frequency is for achieving homeostasis and thus the health of the individual. Until now, it has always been very difficult to transmit these frequencies simply, quickly and effectively so that they resonate with the tissue, without having to use sophisticated bioresonance equipment. Resonance means reaching the tissue’s own frequency.

 From this need, thanks to the studies of our researchers and the experience and operation in the field of our operators, we have developed an extraordinary concept that is unique in the world


 QI OIL is a bio-frequency oil with a very high vibrational frequency for restoring and rebalancing tissues. It is ideally used on undamaged skin, in combination with energy/magnetic rebalancing therapies.

 By interacting with the tissue, QI Oil enables its frequency to be modulated. The oil’s bio-frequencies use the principle of Coherence Domains to restore the tissues’ own resonance.

Through Qi Oil, the bio-frequencies, appropriately programmed, penetrate the skin to transmit specific information to the tissues, useful to resolve a specific imbalance.

 The astonishing achievements to date suggest that this path will increasingly revolutionize the world of natural medicine.

 What does bio-frequency oil mean?

 Bio-frequency treatment of an oil means using special equipment to transfer a set of frequencies that transmit certain information to the body so that natural functions are stimulated that can induce an anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, muscle-relaxing, anti-oxidant, detoxifying action, etc.

 By exploiting the properties of the oils (which are able to penetrate deeply and remain in the tissues), the bio-frequency treatment, appropriately programmed, communicates to the cells the specific information to resolve a given imbalance.

 Is this a medicine? Does it contain excipients or synthetics? Possibility of adverse reactions ?

 Absolutely not! QI OIL doesn’t contain any active ingredients, its activity is not receptor-based like a drug, but vibrational. It is not based on synthetic compounds that can cause adverse reactions. We have used a natural oil as a base, enriched with bio-frequencies known to have beneficial activities.

What kind of problems can I have with using QI OIL on hypersensitive people?

 Since QI OIL is diversified into various essences, each of which has very specific actions, I just have to make sure I don’t choose a fragrance that I might be hypersensitive to.


 Bio-frequency Sesame Oil. Sesame oil is rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid, the source of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. The composition of oleic and linoleic varies from 35 to 50 % of both, while palmitic and stearic are abundant among the saturated fatty acids.

 Rich in vitamin A, B vitamins (B1, B2, B3) and minerals: Magnesium, Phosphorus and Calcium, essential to prevent and combat osteoporosis.

Aroma: Odourless








muscle relaxant



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