Pyramid 529


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Pyramid 529

It is known that the pyramid of Cheops, one of the seven wonders of the world, can focus electromagnetic energy towards its interior. Certainly of alien nature, it has always been surrounded by myths and legends that concern above all the properties of its structure, its proportions, the angles of its sides, the alignment with the stars of Orion’s belt or with the wings of the constellation of the Swan.

The base of the pyramid of Cheops covers an area of 53077 m², forming a square with a side of about 230.36 meters. The original height was about 138.8 m. The sides of the base square are aligned almost perfectly along the North-South and East-West directions. The 4 faces rise to an angle of 51° 50′ 40″ (51.8444°).

Inspired by this still mysterious pyramid, Power-Waves has created this model, a perfect reproduction of the Pyramid of Cheops.
– We performed all the mathematical and trigonometric calculations to determine the angles and proportions with extreme accuracy.
– We applied the results of these calculations to our 3D printers.
– Finally, we found an excellent conductive plastic material for the realization of the edges and the vertex, so that by using aluminum bars, we could create a semi-conducting structure that overall could focus electromagnetic energy in its interior.

The chosen dimensions are as follows: Pyramid of Cheops Pyramid of Cheops

Base (AB): 52.9 cm
Height (SO): 33.6 cm
Edge (AS): 50.3 cm
Apothem (SZ): 42.8 cm
Inclination (S Z O angle): 51.8444°
Angle A S C : 96°
Scale 1 : 435

It is advisable to orient the Pyramid with the cardinal points.


For different sizes, we can provide you with a quote: consult us!

Technical characteristics:

– Rods: Silver anodized aluminum tube, with ground tips (Ø 8 mm)
– Base and top edges: Black conductive PLA (30 ohm-cm)
– Dimensions: 52.9×52.9×33.6(h) cm
– Maximum height of an object that can be placed under the vertex: 30.7 cm






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