Magnetic Card Imprinter Kit


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The Magnetic Card Imprinter is a device that can fix on the magnetic strip of a Card, up to 10 different frequencies. This is possible thanks to a special multi-head, the result of research by Power Waves, consisting of 10 independent coils, each capable of emitting its own electromagnetic field sufficient to orient the magnetic dipoles of a portion of a Card’s magnetic band, depending on the frequency and waveform generated by the DDS device (Direct Digital Synthesis).


Supplied Material

No. 1 Magnetic Card Imprinter

No. 1 Cable with BNC (3m)

No. 1 USB flash drive, containing Instructions and Presets

No. 1 Instruction Manual


Technical features

– Resistance measured on connecting BNC: 18 to 170 ohms

– Maximum applicable voltage: 40 Vpp AC

– Minimum operating voltage: 10 Vpp AC

– Maximum applicable current: 20 mA AC

– Operating frequency: 1÷1000000 Hz

– Type of connection with DDS equipment: BNC

– Compatibility: DDS generators type UTG932E from UNI-TSpooky2 XM and GX Pro

– Dimensions: 15×18×7.5(h) cm



This electromagnetic device is compatible with DDS function generators which have to work down to low impedance load conditions, according to Specifications above..
Specifically, it is compatible with:
Spooky2 Signal Generators
– Any Signal Generator (DDS) which can transmit a signal within 10 and 20 Vpp amplitude. We recommend model UTG932E (UNI-T).


Device use

Imagine dividing the magnetic band of a Card into 10 parts, each affected by a magnetic head coil. Each toggle switch on the device’s panel activates one of the Magnetic Card Imprinter’s 10 magnetic head coils.

In this way at the moment the frequency generator emits a frequency, as many frequencies will be imprinted on the magnetic band of the Card as there are active coils.

To imprint a Card, insert the magnetic card with the Band facing up.

Once the Card is inserted all the way in, you can imprint (or record) from one to ten frequencies, e.g.:
– if you want to imprint only one frequency, simply turn down all the switches and keep the output of the frequency generator on for at least 3 seconds.
– If you want to imprint 2 frequencies, just lower first 5 toggle switches and deliver the first frequency with the generator, for at least 3 seconds.

After this is finished, raise the first five toggle switches, lower the other 5 and deliver the second frequency with the generator, for at least 3 seconds.
– If you want to imprint 10 frequencies, just lower one switch first and deliver the first frequency with the generator, for at least 3 seconds.

When this is finished, raise the switch, lower the next one and deliver the second frequency with the generator, for at least 3 seconds.

By repeating this operation up to the tenth switch, it is possible to imprint 10 different frequencies.


Function of LEDs

The 10 LEDs located on the panel at the 10 toggle switches, have the function of indicating the active coil during imprinting. So when the frequency generator is on and one or more switches are down (On position), the Led corresponding to that switch will light up.
The LEDs are two-color (Green-Red); the two colors alternate depending on the positive and negative half-wave of the input signal, so at very low frequencies (a few Hz) it will be possible to see the two colors alternating. At higher frequencies the number of color inversions will be so high that the optical effect will be to see only one color (red) always on.



Imprinting (or recording) of fixed frequencies on magnetic stripe of high coercivity card (HI CO).


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Technical Specifications

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