We are a young company whose aim is to provide all-round personal care through natural medicine. We aim to have a significant impact on people’s lives and are strongly focused on research. We find new approaches to tackle today’s health problems with the technologies and remedies provided by nature.



Green Shield is the result of skills and know-how acquired over many years of experience. We rely on the constant research work of experts in the field of holistic medicine including researcherstechnicians, biomedical consultants and university professors of quantum medicine who use special instruments of high precision and high technological innovation.


We direct our research activity with a holistic approach to well-being, dealing with the physical, mental, energetic and emotional states of the human body. According to many well-established studies, every disease has a frequency so that illness and pain are generally the result of certain changes or imbalances in frequency in our body.

The products and devices that we design, develop and produce are the result of research conducted in the field of quantum physics. They are the result of the combined action of effective technologies and the use of advanced materials, integrated with frequency bio-magnetism techniques.

Line SoftMag


The world’s first generation of bio-frequency charged essential oils