Electromagnetic fields act on organic and inorganic matter by combining mechanical, electrical, chemical and magnetic actions together. It is from these assumptions that often surprising, unexpected and certainly unattainable results are obtained.

The methods by which electromagnetic waves are applied are fundamental. The effects depend on a series of correct waveform settings, transmitted power and application modes.


The electromagnetic devices described here can therefore be used in any research field.

Each of them, usable with any Direct Signal Synthesis (DDS), type frequency or signal generator (such as Spooky2), was first subjected to a series of measurements and experiments to then identify the construction methods that ensure maximum durability and resistance.

Only the best materials available on the market were selected.


The following descriptions are intended as suggestions for use and application in:

- Experiments in physics, chemistry and biology;

- Apparatus for aesthetic / therapeutic use (Area Pro).

The careful selection of construction materials for these devices were carried out so that the possible use includes a target, ranging from those who intend to carry out experiments on electromagnetism, up to the companies that produce these devices for scientific and therapeutic use.

In fact, they are the result of a continuous investigation, aimed at identifying the safest, most effective and quickest ways to regain a condition of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.