Antoine Prioré

Antoine Prioré


Antoine Prioré

Antoine Prioré was born April 10, 1912 in Trieste, Italy. Graduated in electrical engineering, he became a radar technician for the Italian Navy. After World War II, he decided to live in Bordeaux where he worked for 25 years (between 1950 and 1975) and built a series of electromagnetic devices that produced a strong magnetic field for the purpose of treating cancer and several other diseases.

The story of this great scientist began in 1944 when he noticed that some oranges left near some electronic equipment had remained fresh, as if they had just been picked, while others, far from the apparatus, had become marches and putrides. This anomaly leads him to explore the effects of magnetic and electromagnetic waves on various plants, noting that those radiated with his apparatuses had a growth much higher than normal. Subsequent research performed on cancerous tissues produces partial or total remissions when exposed to these waves.


The machine invented by Prioré is impressive and apparently incomprehensible. Mix various transverse and ordinary electromagnetic radiation at various frequencies in a tube containing a rotating plasma. In particular, the machine includes:

– a large plasma tube with mercury and neon gas, excited at 430 V,

– a magnetron (at 9.4 GHz, 40 Kw of peak), which pulses for 1 micro second at a frequency of 1 kHz,

– two high frequency oscillators (17.6 MHz and 15.8 MHz),

– a magnetic field (600/1200 G) which confines the plasma and which is pulsed at 50 Hz.

The magnetron microwaves and the two high frequency signals are mixed in the plasma so that the pulsed 9.4 GHz signal is modulated by the two high frequency signals. In this way, 17 specific frequencies are mixed and modulated on the carrier at 9.4 GHz.

Instead of using the common transverse electromagnetic waves, this system actually uses longitudinal waves and waves polarized over time. In this way it is possible to gradually restore the damaged or diseased cells in the previous physical condition, that is, before the damage or disease had arrived. Thus, the cells that have undergone a degenerative transformation (and only those), gradually change physically: this is the mechanism responsible for the extraordinary care obtained by the Prioré team in France in the 1960s and the early 1970s. Irradiation with longitudinal (or scalar) waves stimulates the body to a “temporal inversion” of damaged cells, initiating an accelerated natural healing process. With this method, the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation emitted by a sick or damaged body is captured, amplified and then appropriately reintroduced into the body, causing a process of cell change, in a primitive state. In practice, cancer cells heal as they are brought back to the time they were healthy.


This new scalar technology for the treatment of cancer does not involve killing the cancer cells but, to bring back the energy of the cells to a previous condition, it uses the healing power in the longitudinal waves in the time domain (although he did not know them). Indeed, a plasma can convert a transverse wave into a longitudinal wave and produce conjugate waves in phase (time-inverse).

In hundreds and hundreds of rigorous tests with laboratory animals, the Prioré machine has treated a wide variety of the most difficult deadly or terminal diseases known today. Any cellular, biochemical or genetic based disease could be cured. Prioré said he treated a number of terminally ill cancer patients with his devices.


His latest device is financed by the French government for several million dollars, with the help of the French prime minister of the time. It is a large device (M-600) suitable for treating people with cancer. The machine is large enough to radiate all over human body. It is used on a number of animals suffering from cancer, but suffers a breakdown before being applied to human patients (it worked for about a week until the plasma tube exploded). He had to be able to cure cancer and leukemia with two irradiations of five-minute each, to be performed one week apart.

In 1974, following a change of government, Prioré lost his political supporters and remained without financial support. They spent a few years trying to bring the device to the market and in the field of medical research and development. A group of wealthy supporters joins together to provide the millions needed to finance the economic effort. However, once almost close to the conclusion, mysteriously, all the funding for the project is suddenly withdrawn (it seems as a result of strong threats). Prioré never again received those funds. After his death, on 9 May 1983, the machine fell into disuse and was later dismantled.